Would optical flow work on a boat?

I was thinking about testing an optical flow sensor on the bottom of a boat, but im not sure if that is supported, will rover optical flow work with pitching and rolling? is there a way to use the downwards facing rangefinder for distance to the ground like copter ?

ArduRover only supports fixed-height optical flow. For boats, I’d suggest using a doppler velocity log (DVL).

Roll and pitch is accounted for in the calculations.

That’s cool, its like water version of an ultrasonic anemometer, unfortunately im looking to install it in a small RC boat so its just too big.

what about if i used a lua script to update the height from the rangefinder?

Lua scripting doesn’t currently support setting rangefinder data.

Turn out I was incorrect with this. I’ve had another look through the Optical flow source code. If the FLOW_HGT_OVR height overrride is 0, then optical flow will use the rangefinder.

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interesting, Im going to fit an optical flow sensor to the bottom of my tug to test, I have one of the cheerson OF sensors to try, im going to fit a glass window for it made from a samsung s23 lens protector.