Would it make sense to revert back to 2.9 briefly?

Super-clean quad build

Pix hawk with 3dr nav and comp

Having to do massive trim

Loiter = fly away.

Any chance I could get relief by moving back to 2,9 and waiting a few weeks/months on 3.1+?

2.91 does not run on Pixhawk

3.1.2 is solid as a rock.

Sounds like you have vibration issues but we can’t help with out a log file

My problem was not having my compass setup correctly. The thing flies like a dream now.

Loiter flies great but it’s sluggish. I can’t figure-out if I need to set the Loiter Rate value or tweak the Loiter PID values (below the Loiter Rate field) directly.

When in Stabilize and Alt-Hold modes, the thing is freakishly nimble. Loiter isn’t bad, but compared to the other modes it’s just sluggish.

My second Pixhawk came in last Wednesday and I’m integrating it into a custom Hex. If Loiter were as nimble as Stabilize, I’d say you guys have closed the gap between an A2 and APM – and APM is infinitely more configurable than an A2.

Loiter is for staying in one place. Not for moving around, but you can set the rate higher if you want.

I’m playing-around with a rate of 0.3 instead of 0.2. I can’t quite tell if it makes it more agile or not.

I’m playing-around with a rate of 0.3 instead of 0.2. I can’t quite tell if it makes it more agile or not.[/quote]

It won’t.
The loiter rate parameters adjust how aggressively the copter accelerates to track a desired velocity. In loiter mode, the stick demands an acceleration. This acceleration demand is fed into the loiter rate controller, but it also bypasses it and is fed forward to a demanded tilt angle. So, ultimately the “feel” of loiter is dictated by two things:

  • The amount of acceleration that you can demand with the sticks.
  • The amount of simulated drag slowing down the simulated copter that you’re flying.
  • The simulated drag is a function of velocity, and the maximum speed is where simulated drag = max demanded acceleration

Currently, we present one parameter to the user: WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED. It adjusts the simulated drag such that the intersection is at the specified speed, but does not adjust the possible demanded acceleration. This means that the loiter feel is not fully adjustable by the user, and causes the copter to turn into a freight train when WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED is increased. Sorry. May be fixed in the next release.

Perfect information – thank you. That’s exactly what I needed to know.

I’m a former DJI user and fully converted into the APM camp now. And while the reasons to go APM are numerous, the one thing I miss about the DJI GPS flying mode is how you can fly like an absolute mad man then let go of the sticks and know nothing terrible will happen (assuming you don’t do anything crazy with the throttle).

I can trim-out my APM copters with Alt-Hold and get a similar effect, but 1) The trim always takes tweaking and 2) It’s still not that locked-in position like a GPS hold will give.