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Worlds bigest robot ground ground station Ardupilot powered ! promotion world wide [CLOSED]


Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : hardware software and robotics


Hello my name is Elpidoforos elpidoforos i am a hight school teacher but also an engineering maniac :slight_smile: for the last 3 years i have been designing hight altitude baloon expiraments with my students and this year we are building this and i need if possible mentoring and advice from the community , i am trying to do this on a big scale


Planned amount $20$ (USD):

Estimated time for completion: 6 months

G’day Elpidoforos, and thanks for posting here.
Your request isn’t very clear to me - it’s a very interesting project, and I’m sure the community here will follow along if you choose to write a blog post documenting your progress.
I’ll discuss the funding request with the Funding Committee, but this isn’t the type of project we usually support financially.

i have a full proposal that i can send you if you want to support in any way the point is to make this project known around the world also show ardupilots capabilities ,this is an educational project to inspire the next generation of inovators and engineering ,let me know if you are interested we can have a short meeting on skype to explain everything


Thank you for your proposal. We have discussed this in the Funding Committee and we don’t think this is a project we should fund.

However, feel free to gather support around here and, as James said, maybe document your progress in the form of blog posts.

Best regards,

Francisco Ferreira
ArduPilot Funding Committee

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