Works tower in One Plus 3 or Samsung s2?

Hi, I need a ground station and I have two phones, a one plus 3 and a Samsung s2, do someone know if tower works in this phones?

Samsung runs on an Android phone. BUT the phone needs to support OTG USB so you can connect a 3DR radio module to it via an OTG cable to communicate with another 3DR radio on the craft.
Check the specs on your phone to see if it has built in USB support for OTG.

I use Tower on a OnePlus 3t and it works just fine. I also use qGroundControl.

How did you enable the OTG function?

There are no settings for OTG. You just plug in the OTG cable between the phone and the radio. In the Tower app, the connection method should be USB with a telemetry speed of 57600 baud.
There is a useful app “Easy OTG Checker” to verify the radio is connected via the USB port.

When I plug the radio, the radio starts blinking but when I try to connect, “connection failed:no Devices found” appears in my phone. Do you know what could be the problem?
I will verify with this app if the radio is connected or not

Is the other radio on the quad powered up? Are they matched up for speed etc.?
Can you connect to Mission Planner using the radio link?

I’ve already flown it with a samsung tab 2 and everything works ok, but when I try to connect with the one plus 3, it doesnt work. Do I need a special cable? Im conecting it with a USB to micro USB and then micro USB to USB tipe C adapter from aliexpress. I think the cables are working because the radio blinks but Im not sure if signal is coming to it.

The One plus 3 is not listed in the link I gave you. The S2 is though.
If it doesn’t work with the S2, I would get a real OTG cable with no adapters.

Which link? Are you using an one plus 3?

Which link? Are you using an one plus 3?

I’m the one using a One Plus 3T. Maybe support for OTG on the 3T is different than on the 3?

I have one of these cables, and when I plug in a radio, both Tower and qGroundControl (and older DroidPlanner releases) Just Work. I’m using one of these radios.

Click on this link below:

If you have an S2, get that working first before you try the other phone.

I´ve alredy got it working but this tablet (tab 2) is old and I can not flight with it. It doesnt respond as quick as I wish.

Thanks, I think is a cable problem, because I tried with an USB-Stick in a Samsung S7 and it doesnt work.

I have a Oneplus 3 and had to make my own OTG cable and got it to work. Just google for type C OTG.

thanks a lot, the problem was the cable!