Work in progress, in need of help!

Hey everyone
I’m in need of some expertise to get my boat drone going for the microtransat challenge.
I’ve never done anything like this before and almost a year ago I asked someone with expertise for what I should buy so here is what I have. Unfortunately that same person ghosted me :frowning: since there was a long time wait involved maybe.
I’m happy to pay via crypto currency for the help
My drone still needs a rudder system to guide it.
Like I said I have no experience with this kind of project, I’m doing as a work prototype with the hopes of testing it with the microtransat challenge.

Cube orange+ with carrier board
Here 3+ (x2)
RF 900x (AU) telemetry
Rockblock 9602 iridium modem with antenna
T500 blue robotics thruster with basic esc
Flysky controller with receiver

4x 100watt solar panels with 40amp charge controller

55ah 12v battery
I think I also need a mauch power sensor still to buy

My boat also lacks a rudder

I’ve sunk a fat chunk of change into this out of my personal pocket and I really wish that first guy would get back to me but here I am :frowning:

I can pay fairly for your time in helping me over facetime etc

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I have been using this as a guide, it covers using most of your hardware

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Thanks for the help friend :slight_smile:
If you have much experience just in yourself I’m happy to have you on board as guidance etc
Have a good one!

The LoCARB link from @geofrancis does look good. I think using a rudder (instead of dual thrusters) is good and then mount the thruster at least 30cm below the water line is a good idea (even deeper is better). It needs to be deep enough so that junk floating on the surface doesn’t catch in the propeller.

I was messaging him today and he had excellent insights, but it’s looking like I need to learn everything top to bottom instead of paying someone to assist me greatly in the process. Like a guiding hand. It would be sooo useful to have someone who has done this before be a helping hand