Wont fly in loiter or alt hold

I had a very hard landing and ever since it wont fly in loiter or alt hold. So I did compass dance and the accelerometer calibration. It didn’t help so I decide to do an auto tune but it flys so bad in altitude hold I can hardly hang on to it. I have a couple files for someone who can maybe read them and see whats up.

28 is the one I was trying to do the autotune with

Any help would be appreciated

Looks like it is doing a decent job tracking desired altitude, tracking desired roll and pitch angles, and tracking desired velocities in loiter. You say you can barely hang on to it? Do you have more specifics?

Ahh, your vibrations are bad. Very bad. Check that nothing is rubbing on the flight controller, check your prop balance, etc.

Ok thank you. I will try that. It was flying great till I hit the ground real hard. I did put a new set of balanced props on, but I will go thru it again. It is almost like the esc’s are out of calibration. Nothing will happen when I apply throttle. then all of a sudden it will throttle up but wont hold altitude and will drift all over and it seems like the motors kinda are pulsing. I have redone all the calibrations with no luck. Now I just uninstalled the firmware and re-installed but cannot test as weather is terrible.

If I take of and put the throttle at mid stick it will try to hold over but sinks rather fast back down but then you can hear it rev back up and climb back up to were it decides to sink back down.


Ok I got it up and running. My bec that I installed had shifted and was rubbing the Pixhawk! Im assuming that was what was causing the vibrations. I also re-flashed the Pixhawk and now its flying fine.
Thanks for the help!