Won't connect to Erle Brain

I have an Erle Rover and I’m trying to connect to APM Planner. The documentation says to connect via erle’s WiFi and create a new UDP link with an IP of, then restart APM Planner and it should be connected.

The problem is that it doesn’t connect. It doesn’t even keep IP address I put in there. When I open the connection again and click on “add ip” it went back to the default “localhost:port”.

Any help?

Thanks ahead of time :slight_smile:

Grab the latest beta release of APM Planner 2.0 and use the UDP Client connection as it will work better for that type of setup.

You don’t need to restart

firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APM … 015-07-24/

I have download the newer version, but the erle rover still wont connect.

I go to: Communication> Add Link> UDP Client

Then enter the ip address of and the port # of 6000 (both #'s from the documentation). I click connect and the window disappears, but numbers in the info view are all still at zero.

Is there another way to see if it is connected?

I have also tried different ip address ( | |, but to no sucsess.

Try with the port 7000

I did that and it still wont connect. :frowning: I feel like I’m missing a step, even though I have followed the documentation steps step-by-step.

Its also hard to follow the documentation there is, because my ip differs from the examples. For example, for connecting to the board via ssh, the documentation says to use ip, but that address doesn’t work for me, instead I have to use

I’m starting to think that because of the that issue (differing ips from what the examples say it should be), I’m having issues connecting to APM planner 2.0.