Wondering EKF Status information - compass meaning

Nice to see you. This is my first time posting here.

My copter is flied for precision landing, using telemetry to look at the mission planner.
It has been confirmed that the compass value changes irregularly.

  1. I am wondering what the compass value of EKF is.

  2. Could you please let me know if there is an identical value I can check in the log?

Thank you so much.

cloud you please send a BIN log file and a screenshot of compass configuration in mision planner ?

thanks, but hosein_gh how can I up load here?

actually, What I really want to know is what the Compass value means in EKF state.
and I’m curious if there’s anything that region affects the compass.

easily by clicking here when you are replaying to a post

this is meaning that you have noise on your compass and is could because of wrong configuration, bad calibration or high ampere wires near your compass

I wanted to ask you how to make all those parameters you have entered appear in the hud …sat.count…gps.hdop…volt.sonrange…etc… which procedure should I follow

Thank you for answer.
The log file size is much larger than 4.5Mb.

You are saying that all the calculated results that affect the compass or the settings are wrong.
I agree with that idea.

I wonder if that bar has a name in the Mission Planner log.


Hello, Luciano_Andreani :slight_smile:
you can choose anything you want in here.
The voltage can appear after setting the battery in setup.


thank you for your welcome answer to my question … I have recently been in this world of drones … and despite reading the arducopter wiki many times I do not find answers to my questions sometimes … my gaps … for the voltage and current I am using Mauch hs-100 and Mauch pl-100 and have setting the battery in setup already. Since I started my experience on self-built drones I have always used mission planner as software … while QGS is not good for me … by now I am used to using mission planner … but many things still do not I know about it and so when I see that some people use mission planner functions that I don’t know I ask … I immediately ask if they teach me …

Another thing now that I have to learn is how to activate … use the notch filter to reduce noise …

This thing I asked you for a long time I have been trying to learn … and thanks to you I now know how to go about it.

I hope if I need to know other things you can help me.

Many thanks again.


you can upload it to google drive or dropbox or any online cloud storage


I got this message this summer at one location. I found out, that under my start place was a gas pipeline buried. After moving the copter a few meters the message was gone. It seems that the steel pipes affects the compass measuring. Not sure if this maybe also your case.


thanks!! :slight_smile:
It is not a precision landing flight. In order to check the compass value for this area, I checked the compass value by moving from 1m to several areas.

buckker, thank you for the reply. I also agree with that idea.
This area is where solar energy is generated, and I think there will be many such effects.

I’m not completely familiar with it, but if there is anything I can help with, feel free to tell me. It will be my joy.

But I am not sure what a notch filter is either.


I thank you for your interest and if I have something to ask you I will do it.

Thanks again

you have high amount of noise on your mag 2

also you enabled compass 3 but only you have 2 compass !

try to set compass 1 as primary and externally mounted
and disable second and third compass

this configuration

Thank you all the time for your answers.
It’s very helpful.
I’ll try and tell you.