Wobble in Stab and LTR Modes

Hi all,

My new X8 Octocopter began wobbling and I can’t seem to stop it. Called tech support and reloaded parameters, but still wobbling. I sent 3D Robotics the link and logs today and am awaiting a response, but thought I would try the community while I wait and see if there is already a solution. Here is the link to the youtube video: youtu.be/Hv-Gfugs0No

Logs are attached, too. Thanks in advance for helping and sharing.

It would be easier to see exactly what the trouble is if you could retrieve the dataflash log from the flight, but it looks like you probably have a bad ESC.

Thanks for taking the time to write. I agree and will try to upload it now. I thought I already did, but it is clearly not there. I also sent the bin files to tech support at 3D Robotics per their request. Cheers.

After reviewing the BIN files 3D Robotics Tech Support had me reinstall the default X8 parameters through Mission Planner and the wobble remained. I am sending it back to them for repair. As soon as I know what the problem was I will post for anyone interested. Craig, you may be right. Cheers.

I received my X8 back from 3DR with a brand new Pixhawk and it was as stable as a rock in flight. Thank you 3D Robotics. Do many Pixhawks go bad?