WMS layer on Tower map view

It would be very useful if Tower could use a OGC standard WMS layer on map view as an alternative to Google Map layers.
Is it already possible? Anyone working to make it possible?
Thank you in advance!
Ricardo Pinho

To better understand the need, please have a look at this post explanning how to add WMS to Mission Planner:
Using your own map data in Mission Planner

And… why would anyone want this when we have global satellite coverage via Google Maps?
In some parts of the world, Googles satellite imagery is not very accurate. Custom maps allow you to use a better overview of what your Ardupilot is doing.
Another advantage is that the method detailed in this post works completely offline. That means you don’t have to prefetch the region in which you are flying.
A third point is that although not detailed in this post all kinds of overlays over map data can be created by your GIS server before displaying the data on MissionPlanner.

Plus, WMS is an OGC open standard! that allows you to use Free and Open Data, and Free and Open source GIS Software servers, like Geoserver, Mapserver, etc.

That should be a priority of any open source software like Tower, not to depend on private and proprietary data and software houses, like Google, Mapbox or ArcGIS, the current map providers available on Tower 4.0

Thank you.