Wiring Schematic

We are preparing a quadcopter and we will use Ardupilot 2.6. We need to draw wiring schematic includes all circuit elements like Ardupilot, wires, engines, etc. We have problems finding appropriate software (includes those elements) to draw this schematic. Would you propose a software for this?

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Good day, what kind of flight controller you will use and which program you need for design a pcb

Thanks for your quick answer.
We are planning to use Ardupilot APM 2.8 and we are searching for a program to desing a pcb.

for design a pcb you can use Eaglecad or kicad.
Apm is already an old fc and its not supported on the last firmware releases.
A good and customizable flight controller is the mRo x2.1 red board or the mRo x2.1 777… both are very solid boards, fully customizables… canbus support and also ardupilot firmwares

thanks for the information