Wiring between GPS and flight controller

I’m adding GPS/telemetry/FPV to a Flite Test Explorer.

My first thought was the put the GPS (with integrated compass) on the tail boom. There are two steel servo pushrods running the length of the boom. Would that interfere with the compass? I suppose it might be an option to use carbon pushrods instead.

Then I thought about putting the GPS/compass out on a wing. Each wing is about 29" long, with a servo located about 8" out from center and the wing is about 4" above the flight controller. The compass connects via i2c, and according to I2C Bus Range and Electrical Specifications, Freescale 9S12 HCS12 MC9S12 I2C Hardware it should really be using shielded twisted pair and even then the max length is about a meter at 100Kbaud.

What sort of real-world behaviour should I expect here? Anyone have recommendations on what sort of cable to use? I’ve read suggestions of using USB3 cable since it has several sets of shielded twisted-pair as well as power and ground.