Wireless connection between android device and RF modem

I would like to use a small tablet or my android phone to connect to my drone, but I just don’t like to have a cable from the phone to the RF modem. What is the best/simplest/cheapest solution to connect an android device wirelessly to the RF modem? I’m thinking a bluetooth or wifi connection to a “box” that then relays the communication over a 433mhz SiK radio.

I bought a bluetooth Xrock RTB box as this seemed like a brilliant solution, but it was a waste of money (did not work). I would like something similar. Any suggestions?

i guess you would like a device with unlimited bandwith over 4g so you can control it from anywhere with anything like mobile/tablet

please check out

Thanks. This is brilliant, but overkill to my need. I am happy if i can stand a couple of meters away from the RF modem. Thus a bluetooth or wifi connection would work. I could think of potential ways to solve this but none that is elegant and plug and play. What are others using?

Hi @Dronie,

My best guess is something like this:

and complete it with a MAVLInk Wifi-bridge.
more details can be found here:

Works like a charm.

This looks exactly what I was looking for. Thank you @VRquaeler . How could I have missed that the information was already on ardupilot.org :blush:. I’m ordering both bluetooth and wifi module to experiment.


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