Wing FC-10 V2 firmware download not possible

I try to put Arducopter FW on my new Wing FC-10 V2 , but it don’t recognize the board.

(iNAV works)

What to do?


Have you download the new Mission planner? Its has over 360 fixes.

Also, use the latest firmware.

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Does the computer recognise it when you plug it in? (device manager)
If not, could be a driver issue.

If it does, then as @UAVSkies said download the latest MP.
MP should also install most of the latest required drivers.

I have also noticed some weird behaviour by Pix 2.4.8 when i was trying to load Quad FW after I download the new MP. My FC went dead silence for some reason. No happy tones, and Laptop won’t recognized the FC.

After few tries, I was able to restore it back to Arudu Plane FW.

Didn’t try Quad again yet.

it could be if one is using a USB hub sometimes. I don’t have the right answer at this point.

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Hmm… I too have a 2.4.8 and flashed it with quad recenntly with no problem… and I reflashed it a bunch of times after that too… :woman_shrugging: Maybe you encountered a random comunication error?

Not sure…I am working on planes at this point, but I have a bench FC that I monkey around with. I will try to load Quad FW tomorrow and see what happens.

I need a cleaning robot… :slight_smile:

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@UAVSkies Thats BEUTIFUL :heart_eyes: controlled chaos. You should be proud of that!

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I don’t know the difference between the FC-10 v2 and the previous version, so we might not have a firmware for it.
Perhaps download the .hex with bootloader and follow the guide here:

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That’s a good catch. I just assumed he has an Ardupilot FC :slight_smile:

This is what he got. It does support iNAV.

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@Too_Go i can’t find any reference to a V2 version on banggood or in INav target.h, so my guess is you’re trying to flash ArduPilot firmware without the matching ArduPilot bootloader. MP will not recognize your board using the bootloader your board is shipped with, see @james_pattison post for first flash procedures.

it’d be great however if you could check your board’s backside and upload an image. does it show anything different from this:

thanks, basti

Yes, it stated V2.0.

I used iNav to flash the hex file with bootloader. after this Ardupilot recognized the board.

Thank you for all your help!!!

@Too_Go thanks, so does your V2 version run ok on the existent firmware? and could you maybe post an image of the board’s upper side too?

cheers, basti.


thanks, can‘t spot any relevant differences to V1 at first glance. i’d appreciate your report in case you meet any issues with the existent fw.

could informally link the file since it is not commented on here
thank you
here and this one is working I will do tests later