Windspeed feature

@Arthur , how hard would it be to add a wind speed feature that shows current windspeed in the area? i use an app right now on my phone just thought it might be a cool feature to add in later builds.

Estimated by the vehicle or gathered via Network?

I the first case I just need to know what MAVLink message to parse. On the second I need a website that gives this data in an easy way (propable google has a weather API).

from the tablet would be nice, i use an app on my phone that way u can see the wind speed without even having to get the vehicle off the ground maybe if it used the gps from the craft though you could get current windspeed as you move around… hmmmmmmm im not sure what would be best.

The Google weather API is no more.

This is one alternative: OpenWeatherMap.

It handles GPS coordinates as input as returns XML like this:

[quote]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



It would indeed be a nice addition to DP. At home I always check windspeeds, so for me it would be helpful if integrated in DP!

Bye, Splinter

Nice, if you can post this as an issue here:

We can work on it soon, because right now I’m focused on geting DP v2 done.

But it’s a nice addition, and please post your findings on the issue as well.

I just checked and it should be really easy.

Just do a GET request with something like this: … 9&mode=xml
And parse the XML to get the required fields.

If you are willing to dive in the dev group this is a nice, and useful, way to get started. I can guide you, and all that you need is wiliness to search stackoverflow.