Windows 10 tablet for field use of Mission Planner

I picked up a $99 USD tablet that runs Windows 10 and also Android. 8" screen, fully functional, and it runs Mission Planner just fine. Bright sun performance is okay, not spectacular. I was able to replicate my Dragonlink-based RC+telemetry on the tablet via Bluetooth, and have full MP functionality at the field for hours, and obviously while aircraft is aloft. It only has one USB port, a micro USB port, so fairly limiting there. I use an OTG cable at the moment to connect to flight controller, DLA Rx and Tx, etc. while on the bench, as well as connect optical mouse and additional battery backup. Haven’t figured out USB external drives yet, but as a MP-only appliance, it works well. I had to adjust the sleep settings so it doesn’t fall asleep during my flights. And the MP voice is a dude, despite my changing the Windows 10 text-to-speech options to a female voice. One of these days I may put Tower on the Android side of it, but for now MP is familiar and highly functional.

CHUWI Hi8 8 inch Windows 10/Android 4.4 Dual Boot Tablet PC, with Features of Intel Quad Core, Full HD 1920*1200 IPS Screen, 2G RAM/32G ROM and Winkey. Amazon link


I have a Chuwi HiBook 10.1 dual boot Tablet that I am running QGroundControl on and I have had good success with it. I have added the optional keyboard/touchpad to make programming easier.
Are you using a stylus with the Tablet as even the 10.1 size display is kind of small for bigger fingers? I have attached a gamepad and a USB to Serial/USB Ethernet converter to work with my ROV.

I just ordered a pack of capacitive stylus pens from Amazon, as my fat fingers aren’t the best for precise selections on this small screen. I ordered the Bluetooth keyboard with the tablet. Need to get a mouse that is Bluetooth only, and not Bluetooth + USB. Then I should be all set.