Wind vane pixhawk 4 mini connection

Hi there, so I’m new to ardupilot and am trying to make an autonomous sailboat but we’re having a hard time connecting the wind vane to the boat.
We’re using an AS5600 magnetic rotary encoder with an analogue output (that works, I checked with a multimeter) and we have connected it to the 3.3V ADC pin on the pixhawk 4 mini.
Here is the parameter list:
params.param (15.2 KB)

We have tried all the possible combinations for the WNDVN_DIR_PIN except the auxillary ones and the SBUS one and we’ve tried rebooting in between tests but the wind direction is never affected by how we rotate the magnet above the encoder. Actually the wind direction in mission planner is usually affected by how we rotate the pixhawk even though we have set the WNDVN_TYPE to 3 (analogue) and rebooted.

Can anybody help us out with getting the wind vane to work and another question, is the wind direction in mission planner relative to the pixhawk or is it an absolute wind direction?

Aaaaaand we figured it out :slight_smile:

Turns out the magnet we were using with the magnetic rotary encoder was not close oriented correctly and the margin for error in orientation is way smaller than we expected.
But we used WNDVN_DIR_PIN 14 for pixhawk 4 mini ADC 3.3V.

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