Wind measurement in EKF2 - no dataflash log

Hi all,
a quick question about the wind measurement in Arducopter:
I tried plotting the wind measurement ArduCopter does in the EKF2. However, in the dataflash log, all values in VWN and VWE in NKF2 are at 0. This is weird, since there are wind velocity and direction values streamed to the GS, so the Copter seems to calculate the wind but it doesn’t log it in dataflash. Is there a parameter that has to be changed so wind measurement works? (ArduCopter 3.5.7, Hexacopter)

I’ve wondered this as well - where/if I can find the dataflash log of the wind speed estimate.
This also applies to Plane, apparently.
I’m curious if the GCS value may be derived rather than transmitted.

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The EKF2 estimates wind only on ArduPlane, not (yet) on ArduCopter. So the ArduCopter DF logs will always show zeros.

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Hmm, It seems I still have more to learn about the EKF’s responsibilities . . . they all give the same innovations, save that EKF2 does not yield a wind estimate without an airspeed sensor? And log different values to DataFlash? I’m going off of what I can understand here, which seems to be where several posts were directed to for EKF2 vs EKF3 questions.

If EKF2 does not estimate wind for Copter, is the MP wind reading just derived from direction, and difference between estimated airspeed and groundspeed?

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Basically what Evan Williams said…
I was also under the impression that the EKF2 gave a wind estimation in Copter…
If that isn’t the case, how does Mission Planner calculate the estimate?