Wind direction

In the last few revisions of MP, the wind direction seems off. I requested an arrow and it’s now there. Thanks.
But what I notice, using the latest beta as of today, 3/30/2014, the wind direction and sometimes velocity just doesn’t pass the logic test.
For example, I can be heading West and the wind will be blowing towards the West at 3mph but when I turn back to East, the wind will show immediately as blowing towards the East at 8mph. Now the wind cannot change 180 degrees direction in an instant. Any ideas as to what is going on?

I am using a Pixhawk with external compass, MOSD and telem.
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plane or copter?

Sorry, I need to get in the habit of posting ALL info:
Plane 2.78b
No airspeed sensor

Again, briefly, the wind will change abruptly, for instance from 1mph to 7mph or more. The direction component will reverse or change dramatically as the plane changes direction. Before there were subtle changes in the wind vector through out the flight, which seemed normal.

the wind information on plane comes from the plane itself. do you have a tlog? just so I can check what that says internaly to make sure its not MP altering the value.

Unfortunately, I erased that tlog. I’ve attached one from today. The result is not nearly as dramatic because the “wind” was very calm. Non the less, check out the turn at WP3. Going into WP3 the wind is from the East at 5. After the WP3 turn, the wind is from the East at 1. Yesterday, the wind actually changed direction at the same location. I hope this helps.