Wind calculation with Airspeed sensor totally off

Hi there,
I have a Ritewing Drak, fitted with a Pixhawk. I played a bit with the Cg, so that is why the plane was so untrimmed. But still flies really good. The Airspeed should be fairly good calibrated, at least it looks so to me.
However, when I enable the airspeed sensor (use_arspd =1) the wind calculations seems totally off. I the attached log (and tlog), so you can see that the groundspeed to airspeed difference is no more than 8-10kph in level flight, but the wind is calculated with 60kph!
When the Airspeedsensor is disabled, the values seem very trust worthy. Appreciate if you could a look at this.

And also a noob question, what is the name for the wind speed in the bin file? I had to use the telemetry log!AuVLPKrZOW_cof4iQAfkniw1JOLksg