Will work as a Data Analyst for free (e.g. internship)


I’m looking for remote work at an organization where I can grow my beginning level Data Analyst skills under the guidance of experienced Data Analysts, so a type of ‘Internship’, which I would be willing to do for free for 2 - 3 (?) months. Landing a first job is much easier with at least a little bit of experience. Therefore, I’m willing to do boring but necessary work (e.g. cleaning data) as long as I’m practising and growing my Python/SQL (Pandas / Seaborn / Matplotlib / etc.) skills.

Why am I asking on these forums? I’ve been following ArduPilot for a while, I love open source communities, and I’m a huge fan of open source (started with Ubuntu 8.04, been very happy with Solus OS / Budgie for 5 years now). For the past 10 years I’ve been doing web development with Tiki.org (unbelievable monolith platform with databases) as it is ‘No-Code/Low-Code’ but I’ve decided to move down to the level of learning actual languages, and away from web development.

I’m live in Ukraine (ex-pat from the U.S.), so Europe might be a good fit but most places overlap at least 4 - 6 hours in time zone.

My LinkedIn profile: Mike Finko - Principal - AgilityNoCode | LinkedIn