Will this escs work with arducopter

Hello, if i buy an BLheli_S Dshot enabled Esc will i be able to use it?
ive tried the search function and can only find Dshot implent requests.
will it slow down to oneshot 125 or some other working protocol.
i know oneshot is analog signal and dshot is a digital signal,
but connecting a dshot esc to my pixracer i got no idea if it will work at all.

Kind regards FinalX

oneshot 125 will work, but you have to calibrate escs manually
you can also use them in old fashion pwm mode

so i basicly can connect them and they will word just have to calibrate them manually like normally?

yes, calibrate with blheli suite (you can also disable calibration from PWM), set protocol to oneshot and go flying.