Will STM32 F722 boards be suported by Ardupilot?


More and more people are using 3" micro quadcopters (regulations are pushing this segment as these microquadcopters remain under the 250g weight limit). Therefore more and more interesting small F7 boards are coming out having barometer, flash memory for logging, IMU of course lots of UARTS.

One of those interesting board is the Mamba F722 mini
MCU: 216MHz STM32F722RET6 32BIT
IMU: MPU6000
Baro: No
Blacbox: 16M Flash Memory
Uarts: 6Set
ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200
ESC Telemetry: RX2
LED: Blue&Orange for FC Status,White 5V,Red 3.3V
WS2812 LED Control: BF LED Control
Smartaudio: Yes
Buzz: Yes
Input: 2~6S Lipo (8.4~25V)
VTS Protection: Yes
BEC: 5V 2A (Max 3A)

Will Ardupilot support this board eventually ? Must Ardupilot be specifically modified to support every new F7 board model ? (hope not)

F722 does not have enough flash to fit Ardupilot, you could remove a bunch of stuff like the EKF support for extra sensors like rangefinders ect ect, but at that point you might as well not bother.

There are not any F7 20x20mm boards currently that have enough flash to run Ardupilot. The new mRo megabuck board is interesting if you have a deep wallet.

And sure, someone has to write the hardware definition files for any new board. For example, Omnibus has a Rev 7 F4 Nano board but that hasn’t gotten enough attention for support yet.

thx for this info. Damn it is too bad we don’t have yet a 20x20mm F7 board supported by Ardupilot with the required functions for autonomous flight : baro , logging, IMU, mag (although an external GPS+mag is used anyway).

I have visited mrobotics web site. you mean their F777 mini board at more than 350 dollars probably. Yes that is a pretty crazy high price. What justifies such crazy price , i do not know.

Yes. They are assembled at a secret facility in Silicon Valley staffed by Elves with PHD’s…

The $350+ F777 board is likely a proof of concept now and mRo hasn’t started mass production. They have a ~$120 F777 version of the X2.1 and I find that one more economical…