Will OmniNXT F7 be supported at some point?

Hey all,

since my clone Sparky2 has its compass mounted backwards and a few other quirks that shouldn’t be there, I don’t really like the idea of it taking some 100s of dollars into the air.

Looking for a replacement, wanted to get an Omnibus F7 V2, but it seems like they’ve been superseded by OmniNXT F7. They’ve got a different target on Betaflight, so it’s not just renamed.

Is it planned to support the OmniNXT F7 in Ardupilot anytime soon?


looks like it has a F722 so there is not enough flash for Ardupilot.

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Ah, this explains the slightly cheaper price as well. Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll try to find an Omnibus F7 V2 then. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was looking for one of those awhile back and Myrcmart was the only place that had any left.

In Germany, Graupner offers them as “Betaflight Flight Control OMNIBUS F7 V2”. But 55€ is a bit hefty.