Will not take-off stable

Trying to fly a FlameWheel 450 with SunnySky motors, Simonk 30A ESCs, Turnigy 9X Transmitter, 8 channel receiver. Run through APM setup several times. All settings nominal. Had one motor (#2) running slow. Changed ESC and swapped motor. Trying to takeoff in Stabilize mode. Adding power slowly and drone flips to right. Holding drone by hand seems to give movement and level corrections in the correct direction. Roll/Pitch PIDs set to P4.500 (Initial suggested values. All transmitter trims and sub-trims set to zero. YouTube videos make it seem easy. Any suggestions on process to get my drone flying (basic stable hover) would be most appreciated. Lynn, Austin

Did you calibrate the ESCs? Also calibrate the accelerometers?

It’s airborne !! I think the whole problem was ME. I was trying to be to gentle and precise with the lift off. Yesterday I added enough throttle to make it light and then a more rapid throttle input to get it airborne. Lo and behold, steady and stable in the Stabilize mode. Flew it in a steady hover for more than 5 minutes today. Need to increase sensitivity in the yaw axis and adjust setting for the throttle midpoint setting, but otherwise very satisfied with my efforts. Now I can move ahead with other accessories, GPS, FPS, etc. I have LED light strips installed on all 4 arms that I can see from the rear. The strips are connected to my APM Autopilot by a small LED driver board. The two front legs have red LEDs which blink when DISARMED, and go steady when ARMED. The left rear arm has a blue LED strip which goes steady when it has a GPS lock. The right rear arm has a steady green LED strip for orientation. Thanks for all the good suggestions that were provided along the way. Lynn, Austin, TX