Will not launch in stable mode

I have upgraded and added a Tarrot Gimbal but it can barely get off the ground. Should the electronics work on this?

850KV Motors
10" APC Props
APM 2.6
3S 4200 mAh 11.1v LiPo

I just put APM 2.6 on a 2014 Quad X4 frame, I also added a Terot Gimbal. The weight seems pretty heavy. In any event I have went through the wizard in Mission Planner and loaded the X4 file, calibrated my ESC (auto), and radio. When I give it throttle it starts to spin in place or will catch the ground and flip over. I am sure it is in Stabilize mode but it feels like Auto. I have attached my log, any ideas?

(I also posted this is Hardware support but I don’t see how I can move or delete the other post)

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Thanks, I found it. It was the really small ‘x’.

Latest update.

I started from the beginning, loaded old Mission Planner that still has Terminal (now using Cool Term on Mac) and did reset to factory and then reloaded everything step by step using the latest APM Planner on Mac. I did not use the Wizard this time. I was able to get off the ground with a fresh battery the first time, I was hovering at more than half throttle. My second flight it was able to get off the ground but I found I was at full throttle and the Quad was sitting on the ground.

Is this a tuning issue or hardware / weight problem?

Santiago from 3DR support answered my question “The only difference in electronics on the 2014 would be the 880kV black motors replacing the earlier 850kV blue motors.
Also i would point out that for the 2014 model, a 6000mAh is (recommended) rather than the 4000mAh that was perfectly fine with the 2013 model.”