Will geofence work with apm 2.6?

I got a bunch of these for dirt cheap. I’ve set up geofence in mission planner. I’ve enabled geofence in parameters. Followed every step I know, but I never get a geofence failsafe or any other warnings.

I am not actually flying, I’m using telemetry and just walking it around. I’d like for it to trigger a pin once it breaks the geofence, so I followed the pin activation instructions and successfully compiled and uploaded the sketch, but have no idea if it’s working as mission planner doesn’t give me any geofence warnings like Ive seen in youtube videos.
Using MissionPlanner-1.3.3

There are a couple of reasons why those wore dirt cheap. There are very very outdated. And the software development has completely stopped.

I have a Palm Pilot if you are interested.

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