Will a USB Dongle GPS work for follow me?

I have nice tablet but no gps. I use it to connect to my quad via a wifi solution so I have the open micro usb port available. I’d really like to use the follow me mode has anybody tried using an external gps? Will DP use the external okay??

I found out the answer is no.

I use a Bluetooth GPS on my tablet with Follow Me. You have to go into settings under developer options Debugging and Allow Mock Locations. Then you need a Bluetooth GPS software to stream the mock locations.
I use GlobalSat GPSInfo for Android.
I had to do this because the ASUS tablet I have has a poor GPS in it.

I just check a couple of things and there is a version that works with USB on android.
BlueGps4Droid has a USB option that you might try.

Okay thanks!