Will 5G Mobile/Cellular data give us unlimited long range rc control and FPV?!

Hi all,
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This is more of a question and for radio engineers maybe.
What I understand from the suppliers, operators and VCs pushing 5G is they say its practically no latency, delay in the signal.
Okay, if that’s true then we can look at buy some 5G mobile data module from Ericsson or others and hook up a serial link on the Quad/Air side and another module on the Ground control side for telemetry and add on PPM and we could theoretically fly around the world?

I think it would be super cool :smile:
However, since no one seems to talk about it here, its probably just hype take?

May be, one day? 3G is still at large in some areas, 4G is a mirage…


I get very little latency with 4G LTE. It varies but is usually around 100ms or up to 200 at the worst times. But that is video. It seems like navigation commands are a lot less latent.

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You can see here the 50 m/s latency.


Try not to fly over Argentine We dont have 5g, 2g or nothing over rural areas :wink:

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Thats interesting for 4G.
What I heard before is that 0.2 and even 0.1s is quite bit of latency. For high altitude, slow flying this will be really okay. It is similar latency to what GoPro offers on its video-out. Better HD cameras made for FPV have 0.05 - 0.06s latency, and simple analog ones are in 30ms range.
So if 5G can shorten latency 10 times over 4G it could be on par.
David, do you have a 4G mobile data module or how do set it up?

Check here: https://docs.uavmatrix.com/

Essentially you need a raspberry or a cell phone on board and a sim card.

The issue with 5G is that is uses ultra high frequency for the high bandwidth applications (maybe that’s when we get the low latency?) in the 25Ghz + range. This has at best a range of a couple thousand meters at LOS and is designed for very short distances. Thus I am not sure if we will get to enjoy the benefits of low latency in our applications.

It’s like what cyberpilot360 said. I have a Pi 3B+ and a Huawei stick modem. Bought a 2 year license to use UAVcast and off you go.

Oh, I had no idea. Thank you.
Well check it. Learning every day.

For those who is interested, 5G modem today gives you 7-10 ms delay with speedtest on RPi4. The main problem would be a need for VPN which would ruin it (low latency) completely…