Wiki Updates ahead of 3.2.0 release

I’ve started updating the Rover wiki ahead of the release. The changes include:

There’s still a bunch more to do including updating the control modes pages but I’ll get to that.

All feedback including suggestions and corrections is more than welcome.


I’ve made some additional changes, mostly adding new pages:

all feedback welcome!

Working on my first boat. Rover 3.2.0-rc3 I cannot find the FRAME_CLASS parameter.

Anything else I should be changing by default for my first boat?

Ah, That may not be in -rc3 but is in master and will go out with -rc4 over the next few days.
If you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait for the next beta, if you’re feeling slightly brave you can load “master” by pressing Ctrl-Q from the MP’s Initial Setup >> Install Firmware screen. you shuld see the version change to “APM:Rover V3.2.0-dev”. Alternatively you can just wait a few days and -rc4 will be out. The frame class change doesn’t affect behaviour that much.

The only other advice for Boat users is that ideally the flight controller should be mounted near the point that the boat rotates around. So I think on most boats, the motor is at the back and if you turn, it tends to turn around a point close to the front/bow of the boat. So basically, mount the flight controller near the front if possible. It doesn’t make a big difference but if you have options of where to mount the controller…

I studied the guide on but I have to configure a boat. Can you post links where I can find information about the boats?
In particular I would like to know if I can customize the thrusters frame configuration as on ArduSub. And how to configure the two motors settings for the ruddless steerings.


I’m afraid we don’t support lateral thrusters yet but it’s coming soon. This is the issue to watch for.

I should add that we support boats and there’s a short wiki page here. Here’s a video of a recent test I did with a small RC powerboat.