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I have a couple suggestions that I think should be added to the wiki

  1. I just recently tried to setup a joystick for my copters. I had a heck of a time getting it to work, finally today I figured it out, it was just a parameter but there was no info on the joystick page about it. I think it should be added to the wiki.
    the Joystick/Gamepad page

The parameter is SYSID_MYGCS my copters were set to 253, it needs to be 255 for use with Mission Planner. once I changed it everything works great.

  1. I noticed this a while back, on “RC Transmitter Flight Mode Configuration” page there is a list of links for setting up different TX’s to configure for 6 position switch setup. I posted a page for the setup for a Futaba 9C Super to use 6 positions which was listed on the old wiki but is not on the new wiki. here is the like to the post for this I dont know if it was just overlooked or if the TX is just too old to list but it does work.



Hi John

Thanks for taking the time to post this - much appreciated.

I’ve added a note in

In the CONFIG/TUNING | Full Parameter List, check that the SYSID_MYGCS parameter matches the system ID of the GCS you are using (normally 255 for Mission Planner). This parameter limits which GCS can send override signals to the vehicle.

I don’t know why this was not in the current wiki - probably an omission. I have added it back

Thanks again! I am now closing this issue.