Wiki Doc's are in some situations quite out dated to the current firmware

I have seen plenty and plenty of posts on this forum about the doc’s being out dated or not matching the actual parameters (this is no mean a knock on anyone of ardupilot or anything), I have also seen plenty of post from folks associated with this open source project stating “anyone can update the doc’s, etc…” So how do us peons actually update doc’s, please correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t this community use github to also update doc’s?

For all of us peons, can one of you folks that are competent with github (if thats how we update doc’s) please let us know how we can contribute to keeping the doc’s somewhat up to date?



Yes our doc is currently maintained on github, but for small change it isn’t hard to contribute. We got a wiki edition page :

About the outdated doc, we got two issue : the wiki try to follow ardupilot master branch that is different from the stable release, so generally user (and dev) get confused about the mixing of the feature.

No worries !

We are aware that the wiki is in its current form is a problem for user. We had great discussion on the conference about that.
The main issue is that we cannot split the wiki easily between master and stable (without speaking that stable is different between vehicles…). So we tried to update the wiki with new features as we get them into master … but we agree that we could not hold up improvement in master by asking to update the documentation (we already have a bunch of unmerge feature…)

The wiki editing is quite simple even if it require to install some tools … the learning curve ins’t big, but we don’t have much contribution on it … that was discussed too on the conference… we kind of lacking manforce to manage all ArduPilot eco-system.

I hope that answer some of your questions.

The key issue is that the infrastructure behind the wiki doesn’t have per-release versioning. We’re looking at how to address that, with the intent that in the future users will be able to select a firmware release and have the relevant wiki automagically appear. But we haven’t got it figured out yet.