Wierd control problem

I have an X8 style octo, and had a successful 6 flights last weekend at the same site I have flown at for 20 years. This weekend I have had a major glitch I cannot figure out and caused a roll on a hard landing yesterday.
During throttle up all seems good, i can see the controls are working properly prior to leaving ground. When I start flying all seems good and then after a few seconds the controls become crossed and backwards and change.(ie i push forward on pitch and in rolls right, then push forward and i pitchs back left and the controls is constantly changing.) the only thing that saved it from a serious crash was loiter mode was able to hold and i could lower throttle and land.
All other switches and yaw work. I thought it could be the radio rx, a Frsky L9R, so i changed it out to an ezuhf and have the same problem. Logs submitted to 3DR but i need a faster answer. I have attached a log from todays problem flight and hope someone can help me?

drive.google.com/open?id=0B_Id- … VdoMDQ5TVk

Thank You!!

Are you sure you uploaded the right log? It shows you started in Stabilize, switched to Loiter after a minute, then switched to Stabilize and it shot up, then you proceeded to land it while in Stabilize. That doesn’t match your flight description.

That said, there’s nothing unusual in your log. Your actual pitch and roll values track real well with the desired values the Pixhawk was getting. I suspect something is funky with your RC Tx, not your RC Rx, since swapping out your Rx didn’t change things. Since the Pixhawk was dutifully making your octo correctly respond to the commands it was being given, the only thing left unchecked in your control chain is the RC Tx.

I think you have enabled Simple or Super Simple Modes.

check link, earlier i was facing same issue. but after doing some RnD i came to this result.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/simple … ple-modes/

check and let me know result.

Thanks , i will have a look at the Taranis Tx, maybe try and borrow a different one. I just find it really wierd that the control changes during flight, never experienced anything like this. It was the right log for sure. Im am sure you are right with the flight modes between loiter and stabilize modes i just couldnt remember the details after a stressfull flight.

definately not a simple or super simple mode issue. was not responding as if in simple mode mode and i dont even have that mode programmed in. but thanks for trying to help. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think it was a Super Simple issue at first, but now…maybe.

Per your log, your SUPER_SIMPLE value is set to 4 (0 disables Super Simple). A value of 4 assigns Super Simple to flight mode 3. And in your setup, your flight mode 3 is Loiter, which seems to be where you experienced your problem.

Since I’ve never used any of the Simple modes I’m not as familiar as I could be with them. But were it me, I’d make sure the SUPER_SIMPLE variable got set to 0.

Thank you guys, I will check into this. I was having the problem in both loiter and stabilize mode but at least it is somthing to look at. I dont have access to another suitable radio and reciever, at this point I think I may reset all parameters in the radio and the pixhawk and start from scratch. Im at work now but will try to do some more testing later.

chetan0412 and otherhand, thank you guys. I think it was a simple mode issue. I just plugged into mission planner and saw that I had channel 7 output to simple mode. I had made a rookie mistake and thought that was a simple relay output and had my camera trigger hooked up to it. pretty sure this is my problem.
Flight later will prove if this has fixed things. thanks guys!!!

Guess I was “definitely” wrong…All is good now, thanks guys!!

Welcome dear…

already faced this issue so i was aware about this problem…

so Happy flying…