Widget Panel Size Hack

Has anyone been able to customize the size of the widget panel?
Using Tower in Landscape view on a 10" tablet leaves the telemetry and FPV the size of a postage stamp on a letter.

When you touch it it is supposed to expand to “dual-screen” with the map on the left and the FPV on the right.

Thanks lordneeko… I was aware of that. I’m looking to increase the default widget panel view in order to monitor telemetry, FPV and mapping simultaneously. If it was coded to expand to full vertical height when in landscape mode, it would be much more user friendly. If someone out there could point me to the file or lines of code that restrict it’s current size, please let me know.

video widgets code.

mini video widget fragment code:

Note, that there is code for the solo video, and code for the “custom” video. make sure you work in the one you’re using.

Thanks lordneeko!
After looking at the code, and NOT being an Android developer, I’m aware that having the entire widget panel dynamically scale to fit the screen vertically is a lot of work. I’m a complete newb in this field. At this point I’d be content with just increasing the size of the UVC video widget view and leaving everything else the same. If I read the code correctly, even that might be complicated due to the “match_parent” attributes.
I still need to wrap my head around the correct process for making changes and compiling correctly.
Any additional help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know. Learn how to use DroneKit. LOL

Uvc is USB video connection. You won’t be able to use that for normal video.

I have both 3DR telemetry and 5.8mHz video RX via UVC working on Tower through a dual OTG cable. It took a lot of hardware juggling and mobile device research, but it’s working on a 10.5" Samsung tablet. Now all I need to do is increase the visibility of the video and telemetry. I wouldn’t mind using QGroundControl. QGC has a great UI. But it doesn’t support UVC. So, it’s Tower.

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