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Why tower and droidplanner app disappear from Goole play store

I can’t find the tower app at play store or droidplanner

Is there any other link to download this apps?

Take a look at Qgroundcontrol which is actively supported and works well.
There have been no updates for Tower for months.

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You can find as Mission Maker. at play store or you can download fuav vers from their page

Which page do you mention?

QGC works well on Android and IOS but here is the link to Mission Maker.

Here you have skydroid vers it was sigly modified to show rssi M12L skydroid radio but I hope its work too.

Why use that unless you have a Skydroid system? Use the one in the Playstore…

I mencion Mission maker upper but you post the link so I only post the other chance but yes, easier download from play store, but as you mention, I hope the best choice looks qgcontrol because is up to date, Im not shure if Mmaker or Skydroid have the idea to update Tower.

Mission maker for ardupilot isnt getting any updates anytime soon. It also has some issues.

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A good option is Solex, which is being actively developed by @kellyschrock but isn’t free (I’d suggest worth the price though). Not sure if it supports Plane, but Copter and Rover definitely.
Tower is basically lacking a maintainer, and was pulled by google. I think it’s something trivial like a terms of service update, but as both Solex and QGC (plus many Tower/Droidplanner copies) are available, until someone steps up to maintain it its impossible to guess when it will get back into the Play Store.

The truth is that with droidplanner I have rssi and every value on my phone
At earlier builds of tower everything worked as expected but after some updates of the firmware we started loosing rssi

I agree, I have been using Droidplanner for years and still do so. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get to the apk to install it on my newer devices since it’s been gone from the Playstore for a while.

If we have the .apk ,we can install it from settings from unknown sources checked

But where can we find the .apk of Dtoidplanner and Tower App

The source code is here:

Someone might be able to compile it for you.

Thank you
I m going to download the apk and install it on Android tablet

I prefer the original Droidplanner with the interface that looks a bit like Mission Planner. Anyone know how to get the .apk for that?

Wow. V1. That goes back a way :slight_smile:
I don’t think it would work very well given how much has changed over the last 6 or 7 years, but if you google Droidplanner 1.2.0 you’ll find it in a couple of unverified possibly untrustworthy locations.

You can find it here

v2 and v3 are in there, I don’t think v1 is.

Tower is not supported yet, the last release is from 2014 ans the last commit, 1 year ago

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