Why the coverity scan from travis is sending the push to a private email account? (derived from Github issue)

This is my first issue, you hopefullly doesn’t close it at first time please, as ever. Let to the people see it and participate with a democratic mind please.

I have a doubt about coverity scan and travis integration, i followed to the team day by day step by step 24/7 in near about 2 years, and as you see i’m triying to be cooperative with you from at the first time and i’m gratefull with the project too, trying to be free and open sourced human, but, why the coverity scan is sending the pushed PRs to a private email account? so, the data that are building on the automation system is uploading to something there that the people can’t acces to this?

A second doubt, why Intel is signing the project? so this is a fork from the original project? the rights was sold, transferred, etc, to Intel?

And a the final doubt, the problem from PX4 and Ardupilot project with the Dronecode was a simple show to the community to skip certain legal mistakes?

I think that answering these doubts, many people could have more clarify their “WAYS” or i’m being imaginary?

Thank you very much for reply.

derived from: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/7565#issuecomment-358616914

no, Intel doesn’t own ArduPilot. ArduPilot is a community project, and a member project of Software in the Public Interest (https://www.spi-inc.org/).
Intel, like many companies, has contributed to ArduPilot development for some years, and some contributed code contains Intel copyright labels. This is normal, appropriate and no different from individual authors doing the same. The License remains extant.
Re personal email addresses: as a community project, many of the developers use personal email addresses to receive ArduPilot correspondence and as login/usernames. This is normal for this project structure and minimises the overhead of having to administer mail servers, and makes life easier on the devs - most of whom are volunteers.
The results of Travis and Coverity scans are not hidden, and autotest history is here: http://autotest.ardupilot.org/history/

You’ll need to clarify your questions if you need more of an answer.

None of your posts or comments are being hidden or deleted. Nothing is preventing people from reading them. And in fact, lots of people are reading and responding to them. It seems that you’re convincing yourself there are all these problems before fully understanding it all.

The problem that you don’t know is that all building from PR and forked project too, it’s upload the tarball via rsync to Coverity Scan from travis, and it can be accesible to remote state with all privates development from forks, so all projects that are in development mode on personal forks are viewed enterely on the coverity scan and into the travis, for that reason the people that have the admin rights promote to developer to test it first in travis. So the people that have the admin rights can manipulate, extract and copy that to their convenience and then craftily write their rights without a consent from the author developer.

I post an example about how do you need to be gratefullness with the people that can be do possible a great development, and for the in God we trust.

The gratefulness for the functor author is a thing that the Intel people missed, like ever, they are passed over the rights, oviously, the good faith and the best developer around the world maybe forgot that exist people that have a license on the right hand to replace their reputation.

The original author about the Functor is an Australian developer, their name is Don Clugston.


Are you accusing someone to steal other works ?
But this is a false problem… the travis config is ardupilot travis config… you need to change it to your travis instance… well that is like putting your ssh key on a github repository …

And we don’t use the function implementation that you link …

a tangencial like comment?

This is a report and focus for profesional educational form purposes for everybody that going on the wrong way.

This is my experience developing with the ardupilot project and that i see along into the code and i’m sharing that exprience, if you are trying to ivalidate this, well thats are other thing.

Your report is invalid and ridiculous. There is nothing educational about it. You’ve opened numerous issues and made many comments on other issues/prs that were all totally invalid, probably due to your misunderstanding. There is no conspiracy to reject your input. It’s just that your input is consistently incorrect. People who open legitimate, valid issues have them addressed and corrected. If you were to do that, I bet you would find the same.

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and again, closed it to external people :slightly_frowning_face:

@Pedals2Paddles Isn’t you a pinocchio relative? Could you point to the community what is that numerous issues that i opened?

Are you going to continue to insult people ?

Here are the comments you made that Matt is refering to https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pulls?utf8=✓&q=is%3Apr+in%3Acomments+is%3Aclosed+hiro2233

LOL. There’s even more if you search issues too. I suspect this is all because he’s still disgruntled about his URUS stuff didn’t work out. He’s been doing this non-sense ever since.

Who are insulting? i’m asking.

That are PR about my code contribution that was closed from ardupilot, there opened and merged too, i posted only one issue, and i made today and ardupilot admin closed it today, and that’s wasn’t profesional, uncooperative and an offside.

And anyway i will not reply specially to you Pierre and Matt, i don’t what do you have in your mind, i think that you are deffensive with no offensive comments, and i don’t know why.

I will reply to external opinion from the frontend not with problematic people thinking wrong about the good faith and experiencie from Ardupilot development.

Sir, your issue was closed because your issue was invalid and unsubstantiated. You were wrong, the issue was closed, move on. The dev team acted professionally in the process. You continued to insist there is some conspiracy, and you are still incorrect. Fishing for someone to agree with you, especially after all this non-sense, is not likely to be successful.

XDDDDDDD wtf has to do URUS here? URUS are working and that is other thing.

So tell me, how are your yak? LOL

OK. lol. Anyway, this is going nowhere so I again suggest moving on.

ok, cheers to your yak. XD

Hiroshi, insultar a otros es razón de cerrar comentarios como este. Llamar a alguien Pinocho es un insulto.

Por otro lado, creo que hay fuertes problemas de lenguaje, la verdad es que ni yo entiendo tus comentarios muchas veces. Y lo mas seguro es que muchos de los problemas que has tenido con el equipo son por fallas de comunicación como ejemplo:

“I post an example about how do you need to be gratefullness with the people that can be do possible a great development, and for the in God we trust.”

Esa oración no tiene sentido… no entiendo que es lo que estas queriendo transmitir? y como esta he leído muchas en muchos de tus comentarios que creo nadie entiende. Yo sugiero que mejor escribas tus comentarios en español, y creo google puede traducir en caso necesario.

Querido Jaime, con todo respeto, en ningún momento estoy insultando, estoy preguntando de manera creativa a personas que se quieren pasar de vivos, generalmente respondo de esa manera cuando empiezan a faltar el respeto con tono de burla en los comentarios cuando la importancia de la publicación tiene un enfoque netamente educativo e informativo directamente para la salud del proyecto y de la comunidad que Ardupilot a generado a lo largo de estos años.

Te lo traduzco vía google ese comentario, por si no lo entiendes:

“Publiqué un ejemplo sobre cómo se debe ser agradecido con las personas que pueden hacer un gran desarrollo posible, y para los que confiamos en Dios”.

El mensaje está bien claro y entendible, no es mi problema que tengan déficit en entender las verdades de las cosas y desviarlas con comentarios con tonos de burlas como las de Matt, ese tipo es un atrevido e irrespetuoso de entrada, o tratando de invalidarlo para salir a favor y terminar confundiendo a las personas que son ajenas al equipo de desarrollo interno de ardupilot. Por lo general los que provocan e incitan a que un comentario se haga polémico a se torne de mal gusto es por los mismos desarrolladores internos de Ardupilot.

Respecto al comentario que señalas, lo que estoy tratando de hacer entender, es que el equipo debe de comentar, mencionar, escribir las fuentes de donde se las extrae o extrajeron desde un principio y ser agradecido con las personas que hicieron posible o dieron pautas para poder resolver un problema específico dentro del desarrollo y no solamente para el proyecto Ardupilot, esto se aplica para cualquier proyecto que esté expuesto de manera pública y sobre todo con licencias de software libre.

Para tu información, me he tirado mas de dos años estudiando el código de ardupilot por esa misma razón, porque le falta las fuentes de las integraciones que han hecho dentro y he tenido que buscarlas por la red a la fuerza y encontrarlas regadas por todas partes y juntarlas en una sola para poder hacer algo nuevo y productivo tanto personal como para la comunidad.

Ahora bien, respecto a lo de travis y coverity scan, he notado que la integración con estos sistemas da la capacidad de poder extraer la información, copiar e integrarla con suspicacia en proyectos personales ajenos al autor, Ardupilot debería avisar en el frontis del proyecto sobre esto, avisando que si la persona integra el proyecto a TRAVIS, tienen que tomar en cuenta que está integrado con coverity scan, lo cual significa que si tienen un proyecto que se encuentra en fase de desarrollo, al terminar la compilación todo el contenido que se encuentre dentro del directorio del codigo fuente de ardupilot será enviado a cuentas privadas de los administradores, y como los sistemas de automatización de compilado es nuevo en el mundo del desarrollo, pues los nuevos desarrolladores no tienen ni idea de esto y terminan enviando sin querer sus desarrollos a cuentas privadas en coverity scan.

Y para terminar el comentario, comento lo siguiente como para que lo sigan de ejemplo, los únicos que he visto que son gente y tienen respeto con los demás es el Sr. Luis y Lucas, aprendan como ellos.