Why novatel rtk can't work well?

hi,all. I have a question that confused me so much. I installed novatel rtk on my quar-copter, mission planner showed that rtk fixed, and lat and lng were stable in static environment, but if I fly my copter in loiter mode, the copter would drift serially, it looked like don’t use rtk, would you please give me some hints, thanks a lot


if I want to use novatel rtk to locate the drone, and the mission planner has showed “rtk fixed”, however, my drone is drifted, should I tune other parameters for better locate drone, ?

it’s so urgent, any help will appreciate!!!

How do you connect: serial3 or serial4 ?
What is the GPS2_RAW.dgps_age ?
Are you blending ?
Do you have a second GPS installed?
Is the EKF set to use the GPS ?
What flight mode are you using ?

hi, ami

I use serial3, and use below instructions:
“log bestposb ontime 0.2 0 nohold\r\n”, // get bestpos
"log bestvelb ontime 0.2 0 nohold\r\n", // get bestvel
"log psrdopb onchanged\r\n", // tersus
"log psrdopb ontime 0.2\r\n", // comnav
I don’t know whether the EKF set to GPS
and I don’t use second GPS, use loiter or stablize mode, would you please give me some hints?
thanks a lot