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Why my quad is flying soft time?

(Reednoel4u) #1

Please advise :
My quadricopter Kit Tarot 650, Esc 40A, Motor 640kv, propeller 1555, battery 3S 5400mAh 30C( I have 3 pack are same kind), Total 2Kgs include battery.
It is just flying 4-5 minute.
Attactched file log Mission Planner ( fw pix4io upload by QGC)
Please show me, why it is flying too soft time.

Reed Noel

(Justin R) #2

If you’re running px4io firmware, probably best to post this in the PX4 discuss forum.

(Reednoel4u) #3

Thanks @juzzle1, let me bring this 2pic thru there