Why isn't "Manually trigger the camera shutter" still implemented in the Plane firmware?

So what is the point not implementing the rc channel 7 camera trigger to the Plane firmware?

just set any servo output to function 10 for camera trigger.

Please read the question again, I am talking about triggering the camera using the radio, camera trigger for a mission and through Mission Planner is working just fine. This is even noted on the wiki.

If I am not mistaken but you should set camera trigger to ch7 and then you would have to program a switch on your remote to trigger ch7 whatever switch that you’d like and it should still trigger accordingly.

:unamused: Have you actually confirmed what you are writing? I am actually waiting for a response from a dev or someone who has actual facts.

Not trying to be a douche but I take answers like these as a personal insult against my average intelligence!


Ahhh I see your answer it says right there “warning” This feature is currently only supported on copter!!! Not to be a douche but I don’t know your intelligence level. Pardon me for not reading the post correctly.

Actually intelligence is something that every human has, people just seem to forget to use it. Sorry for the straight answer but I seem to get a lot of unverified answers lately.


Agreed, forums are helpful but also a hindrance in some situations. I have had a manual camera trigger setup on 3.8.0b4 but that was using a mapx camera trigger from seagull rc, are you going directly to your camera from the pixhawk or do you have some sort of trigger such as simple shutter or a mapx?

The camera I am triggering is a GoPro for now, I have made a mod to the camera to be able to trigger it with a relay, which is actually just a transistor, connecting the rec button to ground, pretty much the same way will be used for a different camera when I have a confirmation that there is a way to make it work for both missions and manual triggering.


To answer your title question directly, oscarCK: Because the dev team and plane maintainer(s) hasn’t gotten to it and have been working on other features they’ve considered higher priority. You may of course disagree with that but it is what it is.

Your best bet is to open an issue/request on GitHub to have this feature available as soon as possible. In the mean time you can use different methods of triggering, as kindly suggested and as you know.

Thanks for the answer, I was just expecting this feature to be a copy paste pretty much, since it already exists in the Copter firmware. I will put the feature request to Github as well as a pretty old issue.