Why is no GCS for Windows Phone

虽然使用windows phone 的人很少,但还是有人用Windows phone的。 我希望开发者能为windows phone用户开发一款GCS。这样windows phone用户就不用再去另外购买Android 这样可以省下一笔钱来升级自己的飞机。 我们不强求更新的很快,只希望可以正常的运行基本的功能就好。在这里先感谢开发者们做出的贡献。 ————来自中国的windows phone用户。

Although the use of windows phone few people, but still someone with Windows phone. I hope that developers can develop a GCS for windows phone users. So windows phone users do not have to buy another Android can save a sum of money to upgrade their own aircraft. We do not force the update soon, just want to be able to run the basic function just fine. Thank you to the developers for their contributions. ---- from China’s windows phone users.

The above is from Google translation.

"Between them, Android and iOS accounted for 99.6 percent of all smartphone sales "

Because almost no one is using Microsoft bloat/spyware phones.
And people don’t want to finance Microsofts war on Linux and android.

Well, Windows phone really is not Microsoft’s own son.