Why is my APM 2.8 quadcopter crashing?

Here is the the video of what my quad copter is reacting I have also attached photo of my drones tuning.

my log files
2023-08-07 12-50-30.bin (39.5 KB)

We need .bin log files, not Videos.

I am very sorry I
2023-08-07 12-50-30.bin (39.5 KB)
am new to this so I forgot

That Flight Controller hasn’t been supported in many years and you have posted in the wrong thread. This is for V4.3 and you have 3.2.1
Moved it.

Check that you have the correct Motor Order.

@dkemxr thanks for your answer and help I have checked the motor order it was correct

All trims centered on the Transmitter and the Radio calibration done? Accelerometer calibration done?

When you take-off give it some throttle to get it in the air and use Stabilize mode.

@dkemxr yes all trims are centered the radio calibration also I did Accelerometer calibration too I did correctly I double checked it too also my default mode is stabilize is it so that it is climbing too fast as seen in video i tried to keep to climb to lowest but it did nothing.

@dkemxr was the issue showing in log file or there is issue in my tuning

The log file won’t open in any recent version of Mission Planner the version of firmware you are using is too old. You will have to use a version of Mission Planner from 2015 or so.
You should replace the APM Flight Controller with a currently supported one.

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