Why is Diatone mamba MK4 APP F722 (2024) unsupported?

Why does this flight controller Diatone mamba MK4 APP F722 (2024) not have an ardupilot. Perhaps something can be done, after all, to install an Ardupilot on it. I understand that there is not enough flash, but it is possible to make a shortened version, please tell me. An update was released for spedebee 403. Thanks for the reply.

This question (albeit with F722s from other manufacturers) has been asked at least since 2019 and the answer has always been the same: No, not enough flash.

Also a “spedebee 403”, “Speedybee 403” or “Speedybee F403” doesn’t exist. And if you mean the “Speedybee F405”, that has double the flash of the F722.

I’m sorry, really -Speedybee F405
Everything is clear, but why was there an option on such a controller?
Despite the fact that the flash is the same as on f722?


Don’t confuse the internal flash memory inside an STM32 processor chip with the flash memory on the flight controller. The internal flash stores the flight controller firmware codes, the FC flash is used for logging. It’s the internal flash that the F722 is lacking.

You can look up the flash sizes of the different processors here. You need 1MB or more for ArduPilot to run.

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