Why Full throttle when switched to Auto?

I really do not understand why the Autopilot when switching from FBWA to Auto put throttle to zero for a very short time and the to full throttle and a lot of pitch even if the altitude is very close 29,2 meters to the target altitude of Tecs_Hdem 30 meters.
The range finder readings at the beginning of Auto mode are not good because the plane rolls to go to next waypoint.

Finally the plane went to 43 meters, using a lot of battery, for nothing.

Is there a way to avoid that behavior ?

BTW if limit max throttle othe rthan 100 % I cannot launch anymore my plane in FBWA .

Launch it in AUTO. If you are having trouble launching then you may be under-powered.

FBWA means you control the throttle, AUTO and FBWB means autopilot controls the throttle. So the throttle stick is interpreted differently. I suggest using FBWB.

Thanks for your reply.

IMO there should be also a parameter for max throttle when the plane is not flying yet, personally for manual take off , I do not like at all AUTO Take OFF.

I will try to fly in FBWB mode and see if switching to AUTO will cause the same behavior.

What’s wrong with auto takeoff?

Nothing is wrong with Auto take off , I just prefer to take off manually or in FBWA , it is a way to check if the plane react correctly to commands, an old habit that came from years of multirotors tests.

In fact I never used till now auto take off.

The suggestion of using FBWB before switching to Auto solve the problem , the transition to Auto for throttle level is much more smooth , thanks !