Why "error compass variance" when flip?

4.4.0 beta3 flies OK. BUT it will report “error compass variance” when flip, why?

Any configuration I have to tune or properly modified?

Flight logs are more valuable than videos.

Yeah, the log is so big, even it’s zipped.

Try this link log for Ardupilot 4.4.0 beta3 + error compass variance from CSDN.( It has been uploaded.)

No clue what button to push on that site to download the file.

Click this button.

It happens when two pitch flips.

  1. 2:50 pitch flip ==> error
  2. 3:00 pitch flip ==> error
  3. 3:15 roll flip ==> OK

That opened a window with more mystery selections.

Oh, I see (sorry, I have login when click that download button). This is CSDN account registration page.

Yes, it’s NOT that convient. I used this blog site to upload big ziped log files for sharing.

There are two simple ways for quick registration.

  • wechat quick registration
  • register with github account

Can you use a more conventional file sharing site where an account and login is not required when the file is set to “anyone” ?

I don’t know which site provides this service. Any link is appreciated.

I’m not clicking either of those. Dropbox, Google drive, Box, many others… Google “cloud storage” pick a free one. English is Lingua Franca so choose one of those.

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OK, it’s great. “it can be download by people who know the link”, but I’m NOT sure if it realy can be downloaded.

Yes, the link is good.

Before going any further what Flight Controller and firmware is this?

4.4.0 beta3 (self build with VTX changes) + H743 Dual BIM270(Matek H743 slim variant board) + BN880