Why doesn't my quad finish yaw autotune? Roll and pitch work fine

Hi all,
I am doing the tuning on my small quad 4 "(arducopter 4.3 stable FC Kakute F4 1MB) and I have problems with autotune.
Roll and pitch autotune worked well saving the new values in the Flight controller, while autotune Yaw (even after 9 minutes of flight) is not completed.
On the log I also find messages like: autotune failing please tune manually.
How can I solve? I also did a test with the log disabled to save memory (fc 1MB) but it didn’t work. I attach a log (anonymous ctrl F4 mission planner option). Thanks!

Try increasing ANGLE_YAW_P from default before running Yaw Autotune again. 6.5 maybe.

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Hi Dave, thanks. Here?

Right Alberto. The thought is it will give it a bit more authority to make and return the Yaw twitches. If it doesn’t help try increasing Stabilize Yaw ACCEL MA a bit.

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Thanks Dave, now autotune yaw works well! :slight_smile: