Why does WiFi on GoPro need to be turned off?

The below quote is cut/pasted from the setup instructions for the Tarot gimbal. Can anyone explain what the reason for the need to turn off the wi-fi is? Is it because of interference with the telemetry, or with the RC? Or is it something else entirely? Just putting such a statement in place without explaining why, raises more concerns than it solves. So, 3DR…why this warning?

[color=#FF0000]"! Important note: Make sure that the WiFi on your GoPro is
turned OFF at all times when in use with IRIS."[/color]

The signal that it spews out can interfere with the magnetic compass. It may also affect your range with your radios.

a simple Google search would have actually given you your answer.

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Wifi = 2.4GHz, FlySky remote control = 2.4GHz.
GoPro with Wifi close to the FlySky receiver messed up the RC.

Ronaldo as an RPAS operator you should take the time to learn which frequency any of the RF units on your aircraft operates and what potentially might interfere with them where you are operating. Most serious folks have a handheld spectrum analyzer that they listen out on first before flying in or close to built up areas.

Leaving WIFI turned on will also reduce battery life significantly. It chews through the juice!