Why does mission planner load twice?

I’m getting a 2nd entire mission planner running concurrently. They appear to be mirror images. I must close both to end the session (s).
I believe this is leading to the dreaded “Duplicate aux switch options” not allowing me to arm with TX stick. I’ve gone through the entire full parameters list line by line checking for the correct #'s , rcx_options etc., etc. I’ve refreshed parameters to no avail. I’m stumped, please help ! TY. Felix.

Version, operating system ?
If it loads twice, it means that you start it twice…(unintentionally).

The duplicate switch option is not related to this. A param list, HW and firmware version also helps a lot to find out the cause…

BTW, I used this as a feature for having different voices for different vehicles at the time, but always wandered if this would be possible in MacOS and Linux MP versions…

Hi Andras:
params.param (20.6 KB)
Windows 11
MP 1.3.80 V4.3.4 Plane
Matek H743 V3
M8Q5883 gps/compass
Matek airspeed ASPD-4525
TX16s w/EdgeTX running Crossfire 900Mhz
Thank you in advance for looking ! I am able to get everything to work except stick arming, it’s preventing my maiden !

Is it possible that you’re double clicking the start icon when a single click is all that’s needed?

Yes. it was that simple I’m embarrassed to admit ! This Aux switch thing I’m sure will be as easily solved. I really have gone over the parameters many times, I’m stuck.

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Anybody else have suggestions for my “Aux switch options” issue? Next is choose the nuclear option and just erase and restart. Felix.

Perhaps because you have both RC6 and RC7 Options set for Flap?

I never thought about the flaps. I have a Y cable, i could eliminate one channel. I’ve always separated the flaps on my gliders to allow for setup options. Thank you for the suggestion.

These are inputs we are talking about. Configure the outputs however you want. Use a Y-cable or 2 outputs if you have them but it’s not relevant to the problem you presented.

The RC channels need not be duplicated. You can just set two outputs to flaps and control both with one channel. Even better, use a Y as Dave says. But in all cases duplicate RC inputs are poorly conceived.

Dave & Yuri thank you. I’m learning, i appreciate your input! 4 years ago I was still flying my fleet of planes on 72Mhz LOL. I’ve been building and flying RC for over 45 years. Discovered open TX and never looked back. I still scratch build all my aircraft. This is my 1st foray into the ardupilot world. It has been absolutely positive with guys like you, amazing documentation, and this community in general. I’ll do some slight mods and hopefully figure out this small problem I’m having arming. CHEERS. Felix…