Why do I have to reset MinimOSD after pixhawk boots?

I’ve been using APM26/MinimOSD fixed wing for two years works great. I have now built a new plane using PixHawk and MiniMOSD. It works great but I have to press the reset button on the MinimOSD to get it to work.
When I first plug in plane battery, MinimOSD boots displaying MinimOSD Extra 2.4 Plane R719 in my goggles as expected. Then it changes to No Mav Data and then the overlay goes away and stays gone. this is all happening while the PixHawk is booting, since both are powered by the same battery in my setup.
To make it work, all I have to do is push the reset button on the MinimOSD and it then boots and displays Panel 1.

Anyone have a fix for this? I’ve never had to do this with APM2.6…


This was happening to me when the minimosd received the 5v from the APM 2.6. I solved this issue by providing the 5v directly from a UBEC. Just a thought…

thanks for the reply. I may give that a try. I have another one I can try swaping and may try a firmware upgrade/reset as well. I guess I was hoping to hear from a PixHawk user to find out if this is normal or not normal.