Why did my heli not land at the end of RTL?

After a couple of successful flights a couple of days ago with my TRex500/Hughes 500 ‘scale’ fuselage, including PosHold and RTL, on my final flight when I hit the RTL switch the heli stopped, turned around to face the launch point, flew to the launch point and then turned around to face the launch direction. But it then just hovered there and didn’t commence the descent. After waiting what I thought was long enough I switched out of RTL mode and landed manually because it was at the end of its normal battery duration.

Here is a link to the .bin file. Can anyone see any clue there why it failed to descend at the end, please?

Hi @abenn1 ,
looking through the log you shared I noticed two things:

  1. S-acc of the GNSS is a bit too “jumpy” in my opinion:

    to my experience speed accuracy should be in the range 0.2-0.25
    2)Your velocity/position controller is not in great shape:

Thanks Ferrosan. I’m not familiar with either of those parameters, but at least I now know what to read up on.

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