Why decreased the altitude when RTL?

i thought if we get FS (RTL) above the RTL ALT we set, the AP will maintain the current ALT is that correct?
why not in this case? it reduce the ALT slowly until RTL ALT instead keep maintain the current ALT

what did i miss?

fw AP 3.7 on PIXHAWK

Like your other video with pixhawk, you have a ton of problem :

SAFE appears when the vehicle thinks its armed, but the sensors_enabled flag says they are not.
ie something is preventing motor output, even though the vehicle thinks its armed.

  • You got disarmed and armed in fligth ! Really crazy

You fly a dangerous plane … Fix these problems first IMO ! May be a good start is to rebuild from beggining !

hi kiki nice to meet you in here :slight_smile:

yes, but in this case i found something new, i just realize the RTL not as i expected, all i know the RTL won’t make our model to decreased altitude if the model flew above the RTL altitude, but will increased the altitude when the model below RTL altitude.

so i want to RTL still maintain the altitude not decreased, thats why i asking here…what did i miss? :slight_smile:

arm/disarm thing, is cause the signal get lower, so there is intermitent connection between GCS and the plane, thats why it became like that :slight_smile:

UAV should not ARM/DISARM on GCS disconnection. Only enter FS. As kik said, you should sort out a lot of issues on your plane.

About your question, you need to set FS altitude to “-1”. Then it will maintain current alt while returning home. Otherwise you can set fix cm AGL for it to get to in case of FS.

hi pompecukor, yes you are right but that my 2nd issue i have to concern of, i have no issue with the flight so far :slight_smile:
but this RTL bothering me, no i don’t want keep the current alt, especially when it need climb if FS get trigger bellow RTL ALT, but it is fine if above RTL ALT, i’m not sure why AP decide to use this method, at least give us an option to use current ALT instead have to degreased the alt

but btw, someone give me a clue to solve this issue, he told me to used TERRAIN FOLLOWED, i guess i choosed that method for now :slight_smile: